Wednesday, November 23, 2016

7 Ways To Prepare For Holiday Guest

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Now that this presidential election is out of the way, it's time for us to move onward and plan for our visitor's for the holiday and make our holidays as memorable and smooth as possible.

It makes so much sense to have a neat laid out plan for guest instead of  making space where there is none. Let a visit whether it's you or a guest be part of the best holiday experience you can afford.

5 Ways to Make Guest Stays More Comfortable

  1. Make sure extra clean bedding and guest towels are available and easy to get to.
  2. Have planned activities and snacks to keep children happy and occupied.
  3. Make space available for your visitors travel items.
  4.  If you only have one bathroom, you may want to plan a schedule.
  5. Make hotel plans in case you have extra guest that will not fit comfortably.
  6. Buy extra toothpaste and body washes for guest. You never know.
  7. Finally, share your house rules when or before your holiday guest arrive. Exam:No smoking. Don't feed the pet table food; ect.
Having guest for the holidays is a special treat that can be filled with many challenges. Preparing in advance will assure that the surprises are at a minimum. Enjoy your holidays and be well!

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